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Win a "Pahawi" Case Back Opener at Time 4A Pint April '17

Chris MannComment
Win a "Pahawi" Case Back Opener at Time 4A Pint April '17

Lot of us that collect, have at one time or another struggled to get the case back off of a watch.

Whether to check out the serial number, confirm that the case and the movement belong together, or just see that there is a movement inside the case, and it's not totally shot - you want to remove the back with minimum fuss, and zero damage.

Sure the rubber ball method works (sometimes), and there are specific watchmakers tools available, but it's so easy to slip and add some unintentional customisation to an otherwise perfect piece.

Thankfully Pahawi, a member of the Omega Forums has started producing easy to use, perfect fitting, near idiot proof, solid brass case back openers - initially intended for Speedmaster models, but now available in two sizes, and covering a variety of watches.

You can read an in depth write up (and instructions on how to order one from Paul) from our friends over at here.

In a fit of huge generosity, a fellow member of the Omega Forums Just Livin, has donated a customised case back opener to be given away at Time 4A Pint on 18 April, and in an equally generous fashion, Pahawi has done the same.

We are truly thankful to both of them for their support.

To be in with a chance of winning one, you need to do three things:

  1. Make sure you are registered 
  2. Show up on the night
  3. Be present when the draw takes place at 8pm

It's that simple - Two lucky people are going home with a Pahawi case back opener each.

See you all on the 18th!