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#51: Diving into the Omega Seamaster 300

Today’s guest has pushed through the Moonwatch phase of his collecting madness, and donned mask, flippers, and snorkel, to explore the depths of Omega’s vast vintage catalogue.

His focus pulled from Omega watches that splashed down into the ocean on the wrists of engineers, scientists and explorers, to Omega watches that went deep under the oceans surface on the wrists of engineers, scientists, and explorers.

Horological tools that couldn’t be more different.

Although those cases do look incredibly similar...

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#50: Time 4A Pint News - June 2019

It’s early June, the show you’re about to listen to has been sat in various states of draft since the end of March, and we haven’t been on the air since February. (Please forgive me if things are a little bit rusty!)

Today, we’re going to talk about the podcast, the events, how things are funded (hint: it involves me and you), and because this is a show about watch collecting, 4 new watches that I’ve added to my personal stash.

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