#15: A Lazy Sunday Afternoon with Mike from Fratello

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Time 4A Pint podcast - this week we sat down with Mike Stockton, from Fratello watches, to talk about being a (part time) watch journalist, and a full time watch nerd.

Mike has a enviable collection of interesting watches, but to keep things under control we made him choose 7 to bring along - a 1980 Rolex GMT Master Root Beer a.k.a "The Clint Eastwood" (although we think "Miami Vice" would be a better nickname!), a Grand Seiko SBGW047, a Gallet Multichron 12, a Breitling 765 Co-Pilot, an Enicar Sherpa Graph Mk1b, a 1965 Seiko 62Mas 6127, and a Heuer Camaro.

If you're interested in the BCatt Watchstraps that Mike has fitted to his Breitling 765 Co-Pilot, and Enicar Sherpa Graph Mk1B, and would like to see more of Ben's work, or find out how to order, you can check out his Instagram Page.