#52: A Brief History of Watches in Space

During the late 1950s, the human race developed a taste for building huge, powerful, rockets, and launching them into outer space.

Exciting stuff, for sure, but made much more exciting, when on April 12 1961, Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was strapped into one of these rockets, and became the first human being to travel into space. Wearing a 17-jewel Sturmanskie watch on his wrist.

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#51: Diving into the Omega Seamaster 300

Today’s guest has pushed through the Moonwatch phase of his collecting madness, and donned mask, flippers, and snorkel, to explore the depths of Omega’s vast vintage catalogue.

His focus pulled from Omega watches that splashed down into the ocean on the wrists of engineers, scientists and explorers, to Omega watches that went deep under the oceans surface on the wrists of engineers, scientists, and explorers.

Horological tools that couldn’t be more different.

Although those cases do look incredibly similar...

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#50: Time 4A Pint News - June 2019

It’s early June, the show you’re about to listen to has been sat in various states of draft since the end of March, and we haven’t been on the air since February. (Please forgive me if things are a little bit rusty!)

Today, we’re going to talk about the podcast, the events, how things are funded (hint: it involves me and you), and because this is a show about watch collecting, 4 new watches that I’ve added to my personal stash.

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#49: Timekeeping Tools for Professional Divers

Head back to the 1960s and 70s, and if you were buying a watch designed for professional diving, you were more likely to wear suits made from form fitting neoprene, than hand tailored wool to your place of work.

Thankfully the professional tool watches that found their way into hands of COMEX and Cousteau, were incredibly rugged, and incredibly water resistant - So those of us that are more comfortable behind a desk, than in a diving bell, can enjoy them today.

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#47: Getting to the Core of Chris' Collection

Welcome to Episode 47 of the Time 4A Pint Podcast - Ever since the first episode aired in April 2017, people have been sending me messages, asking about my watches.

What do I have? What have I sold? What do I like? What doesn’t do it for me? What’s next on the list?

And whilst answers to those questions, and more, have been woven into to the conversations that I’ve had with guests over the last 46 shows, there was no single place where I just got to talk about my stuff.

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#46: Drinking Beers and Talking Watches with Ben

Welcome to Episode 46 of the Time 4A Pint Podcast - This week I got together with Ben, blogger for 8 Past 10, and watch enthusiast (not collector... or so he thinks!), to drink beers and talk watches.

This show was a fantastically quick turnaround, from a very brief chat over a beer on Friday, to a recording (and a couple more beers) on the following Wednesday. And up to the point where the recorder started rolling, I had no idea where the conversation was going to go, or what we were going to talk about.

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