#47: Getting to the Core of Chris' Collection


Welcome to Episode 47 of the Time 4A Pint Podcast - Ever since the first episode aired in April 2017, people have been sending me messages, asking about my watches.

What do I have? What have I sold? What do I like? What doesn’t do it for me? What’s next on the list?

And whilst answers to those questions, and more, have been woven into to the conversations that I’ve had with guests over the last 46 shows, there was no single place where I just got to talk about my stuff.

So this week I set out to change that, and Invited friend of the show Jonas over to drink some beers, eat some pizza, and talk about the 6 watches which make up the core of my collection.

There are some mistakes in here, some questions I just don’t have answers to, and I’m sure I got some things totally back to front, but hey, I never claimed to be an expert.

I’m just a guy who likes watches.

And beer and pizza. Clearly.

Watches on this episode:

  • 2002 Omega Speedmaster Professional (reference 3570.50.00)

  • 2002-2006 Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 Second Generation (reference 3291.50.00)

  • 1974 Omega Speedsonic (reference 188.0002)

  • 1969 Omega flightmaster Cal. 910 (reference 145.013)

  • 1971 Omega flightmaster Cal. 911 (reference 145.026)

  • 2013 Omega Speedmaster Professional Racing "TinTin" (reference 311.

Show Notes:

As promised in this weeks show, there are a few people that deserve a shout out for helping me to build out, and maintain the watches that form the core of my collection.

Robert is my former colleague, and fellow horology nerd who helped to get the 145.013 flightmaster into my hands all the way from Oklahoma City, via Austin, Texas , and he posts some cool stuff about watchmaking to boot - go follow Robert on Instagram!

Darren is a fellow member of OmegaForums.net, who also sources and sells vintage and modern Omega Speedmasters. If you're looking for something in particular, or have a watch that you'd like him to help find a buyer for, head to his website: https://www.vintagespeedmaster.com/

Tony is the owner (and deeply knowledgable Omega collector) of Swiss Time Services, who along with his team of highly trained watchmakers, has successfully brought the two flightmasters (along with a lot of other Omegas I've owned) back in to service. If you're looking for someone to service your Omega watch, Swiss Time Services should be on your list of people to talk to.

Paul is the man behind Electric Watches, who worked his magic to bring the long dead Speedsonic back to life. If you have a tuning fork watch, in need of some love, contact Paul through his website, http://electric-watches.co.uk/