#5: Megaquartz Marvels, with Tony at Swiss Time Services

This is Episode 5 of The Time 4A Pint Podcast - In which we pay a visit to Swiss Time Services, and have a chat with Tony Coe, about things that go "Tick".

With a collection to rival Omega themselves, Tony chose to share with us his particular passion for the high-end electro mechanical goodies of the recent past.

Watches in this episode:

  • Omega Constellation Megaquartz f2.4MHz "Elephant" (Prototype)
  • Omega Constellation Megaquartz f2.4MHz "Stardust"
  • Omega Megaquartz 2400 Marine Chronometer
  • Omega Megaquartz Marine Chronometer Clock (French Navy Issued)
  • Omega calibre 372 SCS wrist chronometer